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Harry’s Epic Israel Food tours offer first-hand accounts, stories from shopkeepers, tricks from bakers and produce from farmers. It’s a behind-the-scenes, all-senses-go, culinary extravaganza that leaps from the heart of Israel’s food markets straight on to visitors’ taste buds.


​Harry helped hundreds see Israel through the eyes of a chef, market-lover, foodie and father, watching the many histories and cultures blend together like a fresh fruit juice spiced with chili and sweetened with raw sugar cane. And now he wants the secret to really get out. Harry's got a food tour for everyone's taste. 

Authentic, flat bread with Za'atar, baked, stacked. The market in Jerusalem. Arab style.

Mahane Yehuda - Jerusalem

We'll explore Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda's eateries, bakeries, food stalls, and spice shops. We talk about the story of Israel through its food and the impact immigrants have made on the market from its inception until today. And we eat. A lot. 100% Family friendly!

Levinsky Market - Tel Aviv

Spice up your trip to Tel Aviv with a tour of Levinsky market. Levinsky market was founded by immigrants in the 1920’s from Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey, and later joined by immigrants from Iran. Levinsky Market is a cultural melting pot where you can find unique spices, dried fruit, cheeses, nuts, pickles, olives, coffee anad the best halvah you’ll ever eat. Unique cafes and restaurants can be found among the old school shops. 


Ramla Market

Ramle Market has been serving as an outdoor market for over 100 years. It was established at the end of the Ottoman period and underwent renovation during the British mandatory period. Today, the market is the main outdoor shopping hub for this mixed city of Arabs and Jews. Full of character (and characters), the Ramle market is far from the more tourist-oriented Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda and Tel Aviv’s Carmel market, here we will be eating food as diverse as the market and city itself. Our culinary tour will give you a taste of India, Iraq, Tunisia and Uzbekistan. But the true highlight will be the best hummus of your life.  



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